IFS Polska

The IFS Polska company deals with the design and comprehensive implementation of industrial automation systems and solutions for the machine industry. Retrofitting CNC machines, modernization or extension of industrial lines for the wood industry is just the beginning of our activity. Since 2010, we have been designing and supplying dedicated testers of high-power and high-energy lithium-ion batteries. Typically, these energy storage are installed on electric buses, trolleybuses and hybrid vehicles. Our testers are used in laboratories and production lines in companies dealing in the production of modern energy storage. The IFS Polska company is involved in several research and development projects directly related to EV and HEV applications. Our greatest strength is a comprehensive approach to the needs of our clients. We prepare complete and consistent documentation, build prototypes and prepare full implementation of the product for production. Our design process supports the skilful use of dedicated computer programs that support design work. This allows you to optimize and test the device before the prototype phase. This approach reduces the time and costs of preparing the final product. We have qualified and experienced staff and cooperate with the Warsaw University of Technology so that we can always meet the further needs and expectations of our clients.