• Designing
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Solutions for the machine industry

Battery testers

Our tester has a very modern design. The heart of the system is bidirectional inverter modelled by our team which is based on state-of-the-art silicon carbide transistor (SiC technology). Thanks to this solution the system is highly effective in terms of energy conversion. Moreover, the machine is designed in the way enabling battery manufacturing company to test the batteries without using high power connection to supply the tester. It is achieved by testing two batteries at once (in the mode of transfer of energy from battery to battery) with very low energy loss. It makes it possible to test the batteries of voltage up to 1000VDC with 200kW power, at minimal energy intake from the grid. Such solution additionally enhances the pace of carried out tests as two batteries undergo them simultaneously. The machine is able to charge batteries from the grid and discharge them passively to resistance load. As nowadays batteries for electric vehicles have advanced control systems (BMS) our tester allows to communicate and control tested batteries via CAN bus. The protocol itself is developed along with client to better suit the requirements and system parameters.  Thanks to such approach automatic tests’ scenarios can be generated. The inverter as well as the whole software controlling the machine were developed by IFS Polska which enables all kinds of modifications of machine technical parameters (power, voltage) and control software. This is why IFS Polska always builds machines which meet its clients’ needs.

On client’s demand it is possible to modify all machine parameters adjusting them to specific needs and requirements of the orderer.
At the moment we are offering the following two families of battery testing machines:
GDZ200 LoVolt
  • Inverter nominal power: 60kW 300ADC / 200VDC
  • Tests batteries: from 10VDC to 200VDC
  • High performance SiC design
  • Charge mode: CC, CV, CP, user-designed scenarios
  • Discharge mode: CC, CV, CP, user-designed scenarios
  • Energy Transfer Mode: fully controlled two-way Energy transfer from Battery to Battery (without supply from the grid , does not require high power three-phase connection)
  • Full remote CAN control, Ethernet
  • Available module integrating with battery BMS via CAN, Ethernet
  • Modular and scalable design enabling potential future expansion
On client’s demand it is possible to modify all machine parameters adjusting them to specific needs and requirements of the orderer.

Power electronics and electronics

On our clients’ request we can model all kinds of electronic and power electronic devices. Our strongest asset is congeneric approach to Clients’ needs. We deliver complete and coherent user documentation, we construct prototypes, and prepare full product launch to production. Our design processes are supported by skillful use of dedicated computer applications. It enables the device optimisation and tests before its physical prototyping phase. Such procedure reduces lead time and cost of final product.

Systems for industry

IFS Polska company designs and performs congeneric launches of industrial automation systems and solutions for engineering industry. Retrofit of numerically-controlled machines, modernization or expansion of industrial lines for woodworking industry are all our daily life. We support project works with skillful use of dedicated computer applications.
Our design process is oriented on optimisation of benefits for our Clients, and in particular on:

  • Costs reduction
  • Increase of effectiveness
  • Enhancement of production capacity
  • Production processes optimisation
  • Improvement of reliability and production continuity maintenance
  • Centralised monitoring of production processes
  • Possibility of forseeing potential failures
  • Introduction of new technological solutions

Machine vision systems

IFS Polska offers complex fully integrated machine vision systems. Our designs are built based on labelled and professional cameras. Equipment is always perfectly fitted to project requirements. Regardless of whether we test the correctness of installation of miniscule components, or mobile objects, we are always able to select optimal solutions. The entire system is completed by dedicated software coded by our programming team. Together with our industrial automation systems it comprises complex and fully functional system meeting all requirements of our clients.


It is our honour to offer our Clients assembly services in the fields of switch boxes, automatic control boxes, and other electric and mechanical devices. On your request we will assemble according to your documentation, test and start any kind of apparatus. The assembly process will be divided into three steps, each of them finalised by inter-operational control. Additionally, we offer functional tests of all types of devices containing wire harness and electronics. In these cases we offer design and construction of proper testers and testing devices. Along with tester you will receive the protocol recording all stages of assembly and confirming inter-operational control tests.